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We are a group of friends who decided in 2010 to run a board game convention in Saskatoon. We believe that gamers need to connect with other gamers so they can play more games and we want to allow gamers to try new games in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere without the cost of purchasing the games first.

Our first year was 2011 and was so successful we ran ToonCon every year since then, except 2021. Our first three years were in the hall above the ACT arena. The lighting was so poor there that we had half the light bulbs replaced with 100W bulbs. We moved to the Sutherland Hall in 2015 and held ToonCon there until 2018. We outgrew the hall and moved to the Diefenbaker Room at the Ramada Hotel, where we currently host.

ToonCon has steadily grown from its humble origins of 85 gamers to over 180 today. Over the years we added events such as our auction (which sells over 250 games every year), PANG (Play A New Game ), and Play to Win.

In addition to ToonCon, we encourage people to play year-round by hosting game nights in local eateries and supporting small one-off events with our time, expertise, and occasionally games to play or prizes. After all, if we can get more people playing games, we have more people to play games with!